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Credits & Courses

Helping you find your path

Osseo Area Learning Center offers scholars opportunities to meet core requirements for graduation and choose elective courses based on their own individual interests. 

Graduation Credit Requirements

For Osseo Area Learning Center staff to recommend a student for graduation, the student must pass all state-mandated tests and satisfy the following minimum credit requirements:

  • 12 trimester credits in English
  • 10 trimester credits in Social Studies
  • 9 trimester credits in Science
  • 9 trimester credits in Math
  • 3 trimester credits in the arts (Theater, Drama, Art classes, Dance, Music, Media Arts)
  • 2 trimester credits in Physical Education/Health
  • 19 trimester elective credits

(64 total trimester credits)

Skills for Success

Skills for Success is a required course for all new Osseo Area Learning Center students. This three-week course is designed to help students make a successful transition between their previous educational institution and OALC. Focus is on school policies and procedures, program expectations, Continuous Learning Plans (CLPs), credit earning, study skills, exploration of learning styles, and introductions to OALC staff and systems. (Students cannot repeat this course for elective credit.)

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The content of Algebra 2 is organized around families of functions including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, radical, and rational functions.

  • Elective Course

Biology is the study of living organisms. Students will study how organisms interrelate with each other and the environment.

  • Core Graduation Requirement

This chemistry course is taught with a conceptual approach for students who may or may not be college-bound. The emphasis will be on the basics of chemistry and the application of chemistry to everyday situations or issues in society.

  • Elective Course

Club Fitness is specifically designed for students who want to participate in activities similar to those offered in popular health clubs.

  • Elective Course

This is a combination credit course. Students must also be concurrently enrolled in the College and Career Readiness class to participate or earn credit for this course. 

  • Elective Course

This course is designed for the student who wants to become inspired about preparing for the future beyond high school! You will learn information about the technical skills and academic knowledge you will need to become prepared for a successful transition to post-secondary education as well as future employment.

  • Elective Course

This course will introduce students to the study of the American criminal justice system. Students will study the interaction between law enforcement agencies, the court system and society.

  • Elective Course