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OALC students compete at MAAP Stars competition

OALC students compete at MAAP Stars competition

In late April, students from the Osseo Area Learning Center (OALC) competed at the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) Stars competition – a statewide alternative school competition in life skills, teamwork and academics.

MAAP Stars is a student leadership organization in alternative schools that seeks to develop social, academic and career skills in competitive individual and team competitions. Students create career portfolios, prepare and perform public speeches, and participate in many other group problem-solving activities that foster responsibility and life skills. The three main events for MAAP Stars are a leadership conference in the fall, Legislative Day in the winter and the competition in the spring.

"This whole experience was amazing and, given the chance, I would do it again and recommend it to others. I felt accomplished when giving my speech and winning top three for it," said senior Hawken Juarez. 

"I feel like I personally became a better person, speaker and a better leader. Others should do MAAP Stars because I am making a super team next year,” said junior Khalon "Lonnie" Harper. “But on a serious note, I think you should join MAAP Stars because it will help you in life and if you have any problems in meeting new people.”

At the event, Sarriah Coyle placed first in Career Portfolio. Hawken Juarez, Izzy Andor, Sarriah Coyle and Pauline Kuloe placed third in LifeSmarts. In Public Speaking, Hawken Juarez placed second and Izzy Andor placed seventh. 

"This group impressed us in how quickly they built community amongst themselves. They were attentive and inclusive to their teammates, and always the first to celebrate the successes of others. It was special to see,” said advisor Tori Nagy. “Spring Conference is my favorite event of the year. It is inspiring to see these scholars recognize their brilliance and challenge themselves with the uncomfortable. The STARS program celebrated over three decades this year and I hope it will continue to grow and provide this opportunity for decades to come."

When scholars returned to school on Friday afternoon, they were greeted with a Lion's welcome. The entire school, scholars and staff, lined the hallways and cheered on the team.  The Stars were elated. One even said, "that was the most pride I think I have ever felt!" 

For more information about the MAAP Stars competition, visit the MAAP website