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Osseo Area Learning Center scholars immersed in Legislative Day

students meet with Melissa Hortman and Kristin Bahner

Osseo Area Learning Center scholars immersed themselves in the legislative system for a day. Scholars learned about issues affecting their communities and talked with Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman and Representative Kristin Bahner.

Eleventh grade student Adnan Seid enjoyed getting to dive deeper into topics and found it enlightening to meet with representatives. He learned a lot about the process of turning bills into laws and was surprised to find out the process can take over a year while some bills never get to the committees.

“I would like to have a similar experience with all-day learning opportunities. I would like to participate again and talk to different representatives or professors who know a lot about government,” shared Seid. 

Social studies teacher Tori Nagy organized the online meeting to empower her students and help them better understand the legislative process. Students prepared questions for their meeting and crafted speaking points to advocate for their beliefs.

“It is important for students to not only learn about the legislative branch, but also to apply their learning into meaningful action,” said Nagy.