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Osseo Area Learning Center students learn from local artist

Osseo Area Learning Center students learn from local artist

Osseo Area Learning Center art students recently had the opportunity to learn about epoxy resin and how to make money with their artwork from a local artist and painter, Michael Carlson. In the two-day lesson, students first watched the artist go through the steps of making a piece using epoxy resin and then got to try it out themselves. 

Two students pouring resin

The first day of the lesson, students watched as the artist walked them through the steps of creating a masterpiece with epoxy resin. The artist also talked to students about how he started doing his art full time and how he made it a career. 

“Epoxy resin pouring offers scholars the opportunity to create something that is not only aesthetic but functional. While making aesthetic choices around color and composition, scholars are also forced to let go of some control and let the materials combine in a way that is often surprising, making each pour an exciting new experience,” said Cory K. Gierhart, art teacher at OALC. “Real world applications of this are creating large works of fine art and resurfacing tables or any surface to not only make them more durable but more aesthetically pleasing.”

A teacher and artist doing a demonstration

The second day of the lesson, the students had the opportunity to try the process themselves. They picked their colors, the shape of their artwork and poured the epoxy resin themselves. At the end, some of the students decided to keep their artwork and some wanted to sell theirs. 

Three students working on art

“Given the cost of the materials, the precision needed to create these works and the relative obscurity and newness of this art form, most scholars have never gotten the opportunity to do epoxy resin pouring. Their experience with it can offer them opportunities from side gigs to full-time employment or even owning their own small business,” said Gierhart.

Carlson's artwork is on display at the Solar Arts Building in the Minneapolis Jewelers gallery space in Northeast Minneapolis. The OALC students' artwork will be displayed and on sale in this space for Art-a-Whirl May 17-19. 

A student working with resin